Reviews & Feedback


LOVED it!!
Your actors are fabulous!
And so was the writing and directing – I just love happy endings!!

Sheri Ebner
Director, Primetime Emmy Awards


WOW! Absolutely fantastic! ...It's visually so beautiful, so artistically shot and put together, love your sets, props and costumes - and actors!! -'s so funny, incredibly imaginative, full of so many surprises. I love that every scene is packed with so much detail and action and yet the story flows through it all so smoothly. Every second of it was entertaining and gorgeous and the composer did a wonderful job! As far as this viewer's concerned, you should get all the prizes.

Cathy Guisewite
Creator of the comic strip "Cathy"


I just finished watching your film, I did not want it to end! It is Brilliant. It has the character, raw emotion and joyful comedy that the best silent films have. It is wonderful to time travel 100 years back & feel like you are there. Goosebumps. 
Everyone needs to see this!

Miranda Robin
Film Programmer, Topanga Canyon Film Festival